Re: Does YOUR language have an entry in GDM?

Hi Christian, George,

Christian Rose <> writes:

> mån 2004-02-23 klockan 15.08 skrev Danilo Segan:
>> I'll inline a patch I'm planning to commit, if nobody objects. This
>> will introduce two new strings "Serbian (Latin)" and "Serbian
>> (iyekavian)".
> Are you sure it shouldn't be an uppercase I in "Iyekavian"? Otherwise
> I'm happy with this string change. 

Actually, you might be right, and there's one more caveat: it's
officially in English "jekavian" (I don't know the reasoning behind
it, since it should sound more like "iyekavian"), and it seems many
people make this mistake (at least, where I first read it did it

Since we're talking about English messages, it should probably be
capitalized, though the best reference book I've got here doesn't
capitalize it in a sentence (and then again, we don't have a sentence
here).  So, I'll go with "Jekavian".

> Perhaps you could look at committing the first patch of
> at the same time.

No problem, I'll do that as well, if...

> George, are you ok with these changes?

...George doesn't mind ;)

(I know he already said it's fine, but lets ask for another
confirmation, just to show how nice [and annoying] we are)


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