Does YOUR language have an entry in GDM?

OK, so I thought about us having new languages around this time, and
that all of them perhaps don't have an entry in the GDM greeter, the
GNOME login screen where users can select their preferred language
before logging in.

I've added a bug report in GDM about this for Canadian English:

Translators, please make sure your language is listed in the GDM
language list, especially if your language is or will be a supported one
or partially supported one for GNOME 2.6. If it isn't listed, please
file a similar bug report against GDM requesting your language be added.

The languages are marked for translation, but we can probably make
exceptions wrt the string freeze for this, in case 1) we can get the
missing languages in quickly and 2) someone can help providing patches.

So try to check and report in bugzilla in case your language is missing
right away. File the bug report against the "gdm" product and make sure
it's marked with the "GNOMEVER2.5" and "string" keywords. You can also
cc: if you like.


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