Re: Unicode Fonts and Vera (was: Encoding problem with Azerbaijani translations of ISO-3166 names)


On Thu, Feb 05, 2004 at 09:43:53PM +0000, Dafydd Harries wrote:

> > >They lack a lot of glyphs: polish, romanian, esperanto, vietnamese,
> > >Most of the missing glyphs could easily be added, as glyphs with the
> > >same diacritics are already present.
> Yes, if you have a glyph already defined for a character, and you want
> to add a glyph for the character with a diacritic, then (in my
> experience) it's not difficult as long as there are other glyphs with
> the same diacritic. It can be a little more complicated when the
> diacritics of uppercase letters have are slightly different to those of
> the corresponding lowercase letters, but not overly so.

The Vera font has glyphs for most diacritics; the hardest will be the
drawing of the whole new glyphs schwa, ohorn, uhorn, eng (all in lower and
upper case of course).
Special care is needed for the ogonek (there is a page that explains
that quite well; I don't remember its url, but searching after
"polish", "ogonek", "acute accent" and "font" should give it).
and for vietnamese there is the problem of the double accent placement.

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