Re: Unicode Fonts and Vera (was: Encoding problem with Azerbaijani translations of ISO-3166 names)

Ar 05/02/2004 am 12:23, ysgrifennodd Metin Amiroff:
> Well, speaking as a guy who studied in Russian and English
> schools my opinion here would not be de facto but as I remember
> both of them always have horizontal bars.
> But I am sure there's an answer for that question out there.
> Actually it is not so imortant. The fonts that you've seen
> with oblique horizontal bar are mostly fonts made by
> newbies and are false.

A reference would be good for whoever is going to design the glyphs.

Somebody provided me with excellent references for the Catalan glyphs
and it really helped my work. I'd imagine that a similar reference for
the schwa would also be very helpful.

> >They lack a lot of glyphs: polish, romanian, esperanto, vietnamese,
> >Most of the missing glyphs could easily be added, as glyphs with the
> >same diacritics are already present.

Yes, if you have a glyph already defined for a character, and you want
to add a glyph for the character with a diacritic, then (in my
experience) it's not difficult as long as there are other glyphs with
the same diacritic. It can be a little more complicated when the
diacritics of uppercase letters have are slightly different to those of
the corresponding lowercase letters, but not overly so.


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