I really don't know why they choosed translator_credits as a string
instead of translator-credits or something else w/o underscore but it
happened somehow. The problem occurs when you check for accelerator
keys. That must not be a problem for KDE translations since they use &
as accelerator key, but it sure does for Gnome. When you put your name
there, of course w/o an underscore, translator programs like kbabel will
warn you. Moreover, when you check the .po file for errors with 
msgfmt --check-accelerators=_ , it will warn you, too. 

There are three ways to fix that problem indeed. First and hardest
solution is to change that msgid to translator-credits or something
else. But that needs change in all .po files and also changes in program
sources for sure. 

Second solution is to add a ,nocheck kinda tag to .po file entries. That
also needs some code changes but only in msgfmt and translator tools.
That kind of tag would be useable for some other things as well.

And the third solution, which need some attention indeed, is to skip
checking of "transltor_credits" line on translator programmes, and more
importantly on msgfmt. It's a one line code and it would be really
helpful when you want 'errorless' translations. 

Those are my opinions and solutions that I offer, but of course it's the
maintainers who would decide. I wonder what you guys think.


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