Re: Unicode Fonts and Vera (was: Encoding problem with Azerbaijani translations of ISO-3166 names)


Pablo Saratxaga <> writes:

>what should be the case imho is that a font covering
>latin script includes the needed glyphs for all languages using latin
>alphabet; and a font with cyrillic should include all needed cyrillic
>glyphs and not only basic ones, etc.

Yes, that would make their distribution less confusing too.
But I haven't yet come across font sets that uses this method.

>It isn't exactly a rotated "e"; it seems to me that the horizontal bar
>of the "ə" is always horizontal, even when the horizontal bar of the "e"
>is in fact oblique in some fonts; or am I wrong?

Well, speaking as a guy who studied in Russian and English
schools my opinion here would not be de facto but as I remember
both of them always have horizontal bars.
But I am sure there's an answer for that question out there.
Actually it is not so imortant. The fonts that you've seen
with oblique horizontal bar are mostly fonts made by
newbies and are false.

>They lack a lot of glyphs: polish, romanian, esperanto, vietnamese,
>Most of the missing glyphs could easily be added, as glyphs with the
>same diacritics are already present.

Yes, and that is the point of this conversation here to find out
the missing  glyphs and add as much as possible.

>The only real new ones are: the schwa, vietnamese ohorn and uhorn.

Poor us and vietnamese :(


--Metin Amiroff

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