Re: Encoding problem with Azerbaijani translations of ISO-3166 names

Ar 03/02/2004 am 21:38, ysgrifennodd Danilo Segan:
> Can I count you in to help us (Daf, myself) there with Azerbaijani?
> We've already extended them somewhat (Daf did that for Welsh and
> Catalan I think, I added Cyrillic for Sans style), and I found out
> that there's much interest in it (hear that Daf? ;).

Yes, I've extended Vera to include the glyphs necessary to support
Welsh (most importantly, ŴŵŶŷ). I've begun work on the two glyphs
necessary to support Catalan; All this work has been done across the 10
Vera fonts.

The modified fonts have been renamed in order to comply with Vera's
license. I've dubbed the fonts Olwen; they are available from
<>. The idea is that the fonts
accumulate the various glyphs needed by various languages but which are
missing from Vera.

I've played around a bit with integrating Danilo's Cyrillic Sans glyphs,
and it seemed to work OK. I haven't released this work yet, though.


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