Re: Encoding problem with Azerbaijani translations of ISO-3166 names

Hi Danilo,

"Danilo Segan" <> writes:

>Shouldn't that one letter be the first of your last name (I saw it in
>a couple of your ChangeLog entries :)?

Yes it is :) It is actually the second letter of my name either.
It is Mətin Əmirov. I wish it was something like "ä" or so
because they sound the same (like the "a" in English Cat).
and "ä" is a little more polular.

I actually don't use it for now because the same
reason that you don't use that 'Sh' letter in your surname:
Lack of unicode fonts both on Linux and Windows platforms.
Unfortunately there is no real good font for that on Linux yet.
Also people still can't read UTF-8 encoded mails
correctly (except localization team geeks of course).

So I am a little stuck at the moment.

--Mətin Əmirov :))

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