Re: Persian translations (was Fwd: Re: [farsi] Farsi encodingstandard)

Hi Abbas and Roozbeh,

I'll try to contribute to the discussion in the hope that it leads to a solution
that's acceptable for both of you. (Don't shoot me ;-) First, I think both of you
are serious about the translation to Farsi, and I'm happy to learn that. Farsi is
an important language, and it's very good to have GNOME support for it.

The problem as I understand is an Iranian law that prescribes a certain vocabulary
for computer applications. Then there's a second problem that the project's glossary
doesn't conform with this vocabulary, and as a result, that the current translation
doesn't conform with it as well. Am I right?

Now I understand you react differently to those problems. Roozbeh, you seem to want
to first get the glossary right. Does this mean you want to keep the translation
effort itself on hold? Abbas, you seem to want to get work done without waiting for
the glossary. Does that mean that when the glossary is ready, you'll accept it?

If I'm correct up to here, I think the most important question is whether you would
agree on the glossary, if it would be ready. If you don't, it would probably be
better not to work on the same translation (cooperation would still be possible of
course). If you do, I think there's no problem. Translation would be possible right
now, the work would only need to be revised when the glossary is ready.

With kind regards,

  Elros Cyriatan

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