Re: high gnopernicus string count

On Thu, 2003-07-17 at 06:13, Christian Rose wrote:
> ons 2003-07-16 klockan 14.41 skrev Luis Villa:
> > Remus seems to agree with you here. Is there some doc that explains what
> > should and shouldn't be translated in a 'correct' GNOME app? Seems like
> > that would be helpful to anyone who wanted to review gnopernicus.
> I don't really think there is; it's mostly a judgement thing. On one end
> of things we have highly visible UI stuff, and in the other end we have
> console debug messages. While people not necessarily always agree on
> where to draw the line on this scale (I myself think that many error
> messages are perfectly fine to translate, as long as they are at least
> somewhat useful also for the user), I think that most people agree that
> stuff that are only there to help developers in debugging the
> application (and don't really help the user) shouldn't be marked for
> translation at all.

Somebody mailed me out of the blue a while back asking for something
like this to be added to the i18n-guide document I wrote last year. I
thought it sounded like a good idea at the time. It should only be a few
paragraphs to a page in length, explaining the general principles (my
list of points is pretty close to what Christian is saying).

I have a couple of small documentation updates like this queued up for a
long plane flight I'm doing on Saturday, so I shall do it then and get a
few people from gnome-i18n to look over it next week. The idea is that
the i18n-guide document is a reference for developers (not translators).

[Christian: we should hit people with soggy noodles and try to arrange
to get that document up on again.]


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