2 proposals for change in intltool-update POTFILES.* handling

1. By default, intltool-update -m just suggest what is missing from
POTFILES.in, and add the file list into ./missing. Will it be good if it
also lists files that are no more (removed from CVS), but still listed
in POTFILES.in/skip?

2. POTFILES.ignore seems not to be widely used, and can probably be
phased out later. Of course it shouldn't be immediate (for
compatibility reason), but at least warnings can be issued to tell
people to use POTFILES.skip instead. I say this because:

[deaddog@localhost CVS.GNOME.ORG]$ ls */po/POTFILES.ignore
control-center/po/POTFILES.ignore  libcapplet/po/POTFILES.ignore
control-center-plus/po/POTFILES.ignore  gpdf/po/POTFILES.ignore

control-center* and libcapplet are dead, and xpdf is (seems to be) an
alias of gpdf. So effectively there are only 2 HEAD modules in GNOME
CVS that are still using POTFILES.ignore, while all others are using
POTFILES.skip. I believe there aren't many in other software too.

Any opinion on whether they are (in)appropriate?

Abel Cheung
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