Re: Wonder if Matupi in Daai ???

среда, 09. јул 2003. 17:18:32 CEST — Martin Norbäck написа:
> NOTE TO THE SERBIAN TRANSLATOR (Danilo): there are IANA codes
> registered for the serbian variants:
> sr-Cyrl      Serbian in Cyrillic script    [Davis]
> sr-Latn      Serbian in Latin script       [Davis]
> If it's possible to use those, that would be a good choice.

Thanks for the tip. I'll have to look into these, since I'm not quite 
sure how this is best done. Ideally, one should have all GNU software 
use the same codes (before anything else, GNU libc and XFree86 [ok, 
that's not GNU software ;-]). Because there has been a change in 
country name (from "Yugoslavia" to "Serbia and Montenegro"), there 
should be a new ISO 3166 country code later in July, so that would be a 
good chance to replace all codes.

Also, I'll have to look how do these fit with POSIX locales, and if 
that's suitable, I'd be delighted to use them.

Thanks again!


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