weekly i18n status?

The GNOME release team would really like a weekly status report from the
internationalization team. We would like to know:
- about any special problems or issues.
- about any particular modules or languages that are not as translated as we
would like.
  I guess we care about languages that have a good chance of being complete,
but might not be for some reason.
- anything else that you think is relevant.

But it just needs to be a quick summary. We just want to make sure that
worry about internationalisation when we worry about everything else. It
would be nice if we received the email on Tuesdays, because we have our
release team meetings on Wednesdays.
I think the internionalization team is already very on top of things (I love
the online statistics) so hopefully this would be easy to do. Is there a

Murray Cumming

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