Re[2]: Can you export status page into xml file ? -- original gnome status pages again

Hello Carlos,

The bug is issued, as #119558

Sunday, August 10, 2003, 6:02:15 PM, you wrote:

CPM> El dom, 10-08-2003 a las 11:21, Wang Jian escribió:
>> Hello maintainer of status page,

CPM> Hi.

>> It is not a very good idea that a central point of
>> translator/translation management is introduced. Every team has its
>> own management flow, and its own need.
>> My suggestion is to export the status page data into xml files, and
>> allow everyone to download the xml files.
>> >From the downloaded xml files, every team can build their own
>> management system. For example, our team (Simplified Chinese) now has
>> a system (still being improved) which can help to pipeline occuppying
>> task of translating some po, uploading updated/added translation,
>> marking status as proofreading, marking status as committed, deleting
>> the committed translation. Also, translator can download po/pot file
>> or prefill the pot using our utilities.

CPM> This feature is already inside my TODO list, I will send and email to
CPM> the mailing list when it's implemented.

CPM> Please, open a new bug at and tell me the fields you
CPM> could need (although the idea is that we will generate an .xml file with
CPM> all the .html information and then you could use only the fields you
CPM> need).

CPM> Cheers.


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