Re: Script for extracting translators' names (was Re: notice ofimminent Rhythmbox release && translation credits)

El dom, 10-08-2003 a las 02:43, Abel Cheung escribió:

> > I have seen slightly erroneous release notes where people have
> > used the name of the person who committed it without looking to
> > see whether what they committed was theirs or someone else's,
> > so I think this is worth mentioning.
> Agreed. That means CVS changelog and ChangeLog file are not trustworthy;
> and as I pointed out above, translator_credits is also not a good place
> to look at (not to mention that some software doesn't have
> translator_credits at all). Now only "Last-Translator" fields remains as
> a candidate for extracting name, which is pretty failsafe because every
> PO file has that field. Isn't it?

Hmmm, we will depend on that field heavily with the upcoming status
pages, so this field should be updated always with the latest
information available if the translators wants see their "personal"
status pages with the list of modules they are translating with their


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