Re: Subversion migration schedule (new cut-off Fri 14 July?)

On Fri, 2006-06-02 at 21:42 +0700, Ross Golder wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-06-03 at 00:09 +1000, Jeff Waugh wrote:
> > <quote who="Ross Golder">
> > 
> > > How about this - I'll run another test migration on the 23rd, but won't
> > > actually make the switch. At least then, if anyone at GUADEC wants to play
> > > with or demonstrate anything related to subversion, at least they will get
> > > fairly up-to-date code.
> > 
> > Awesome - good call.
> > 
> > > So, looking at the release schedule, it looks like the next best date
> > > would be July 14th. How would that be?
> > 
> > Hrm, puts it out a bit, hey? I'm happy with that, though, if it's the first
> > available time.
> > 
> I can do it sooner if there's a demand for it. I'd certainly be happier
> once it's done and dusted.
> For me, the 30th June would be good, but it seemed too soon after GUADEC
> - perhaps people will still have work in their CVS w/d left to commit?
> The 7th July falls before a couple of tarball deadlines, so might be
> inconvenient for maintainers if their module takes a while to migrate.
> The 16th July seems best, because there's not much else going on.
> I'm open to suggestions. It doesn't necessarily have to be done over a
> weekend either.

Probably there's a document somewhere, but do we have some official
advice for how to branch when we are using svn, and will the old cvs
branches be morphed into that system? As far as I understand, svn
branches of modules are copies of that module in any old directory that
you like (with svn presumably maintaining some link between the copies).

I guess at the least we need to create the branches/gnome-2-*/ or
similar directories early, and tell people to put their branches in

Please excuse my ignorance on this.

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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