Re: Subversion Migration: the importance of maturity.


> Most of my experiences have been using baz at work on my own coding
> projects and talking with arch people about various issues I've
> encountered.  I hope this is a balanced observation on arch.   My two
> cents.

I very much enjoyed your description of some of the internals of arch
and bazar. I only thought that one was an interface on top of the other,
but it seems from your description that it is a different implementation
of the same format/protocol.

I would like to encourage everyone to read your post (in fact, if you
could put those points on the Wiki, it would be great if people want to
fix/correct those points). 

If anything, your list made me *more* worried though.

"is changing rapidly" is not something I want to hear in the context of
my source code control system.  And the potential incompatibilities
between tla/baz are also worth considering.

Am sure we will have an interesting discussion at guadec.


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