Re: Subversion Migration: the importance of maturity.

On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 12:49:49AM -0400, Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> I very much enjoyed your description of some of the internals of arch
> and bazar. I only thought that one was an interface on top of the other,
> but it seems from your description that it is a different implementation
> of the same format/protocol.

Baz is a fork of tla in order to address the lack of userfriendliness
in the tool.  A lot of people find the format to be very compelling
and there are more than one tool based off the format. 

> I would like to encourage everyone to read your post (in fact, if you
> could put those points on the Wiki, it would be great if people want to
> fix/correct those points). 

Sure I can do that.

> If anything, your list made me *more* worried though.
> "is changing rapidly" is not something I want to hear in the context of
> my source code control system.  And the potential incompatibilities
> between tla/baz are also worth considering.

Sure, and thats why I put it out there because it is something to
discuss based on my own struggles when wanting to put it out there
at my own place of work.

Currently, the changes as I understand are mostly related to ease
of use.  These aren't "new" features, but rather changes that
cuts down on the busy work.  Branching in tla for instance is more
difficult than in bazaar because you have to do 2-3 steps to do it.
In Bazaar its a single command.  I suspect that it'll taper off in
a couple of months.

If you go with baz, you should stick with baz and forget about tla.
Baz and tla developers are probably going to be leeching off each
other in competition anyways so you won't lose anything in terms
of features.

> Am sure we will have an interesting discussion at guadec.

Yep.:)  I'd love to see the minutes for that discussion.

I hope someone mentions the site instatiantion stuff where you can
potentially to pull all of GNOME source's with specific branches
for experimentation which has been underappreciated as far as
I'm concerned.  Great stuff for testing...


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