Re: Subversion Migration: the importance of maturity.


> > The Mono repository holds 1.6 gigabytes of data.
> I don't have access to the server that has all Ubuntu archives but as
> you can guess, if Ubuntu imports all packages it ships will be much more
> bigger than 1.6GB...

Is this checking in a tarball, or checking in the uncompressed tarball
and managing the resulting binary?

Does this check every vendor release into its own branch?

> Well, I know that Debian and some GNOME products are already using Arch.
> Ubuntu is finishing the deployment to start using it a lot and thus any
> derivative will use it also (like KUbuntu and Guadalinex)
> About others using Arch:

A very interesting list, but it does not seem to have any large projects
with hundreds of developers.  

> > > Arch has also developers working on it at full time.
> > 
> > Lets get numbers: how many.
> > 
> > Subversion has 8 full time employees that have been working full time
> > since 2000, and they are employed by Collab.NET that specializes on
> > this. 
> I don't have those details, sorry.

I think it is a very important feature if we are talking about moving
something as delicate as GNOME to use a new source code control system.

This is not a trivial discussion and not one that can be easily reworked
later on.


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