control center plans, etc.


I don't know of a dedicated list for this, so mailing gnome-hackers
and control-center maintainers.

I'm considering implementing a simplified control panel scheme as
discussed in this thread:

I'm looking at doing this against the stable branch, with a port to
HEAD and merge upstream if people want.

Basically there are just a few simple features:

 - hack the control center to be a shell around one capplet 
   (separate window for each capplet), kill try/revert,
   kill menubar/statusbar/tree-on-the-side

 - add the "user prefs" virtual folder to Nautilus, icons in 
   here launch a single standalone control panel

 - add the "system settings" virtual folder to Nautilus 
   (contains Red Hat config tools in the Red Hat release)

 - have panel submenus that are equivalent to those folders

 - for future control panels there's no need to use libcapplet, 
   etc., since control panels are just little dialogs they 
   can just be small apps with no embedding involved.

So, what are the current control center plans, how does this fit in,
how much of this should go in CVS, on what branches should it go, etc.

I see there are some changes in control-center HEAD but don't know
what the plans are there.


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