Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Veillard <veillard redhat com> writes:

    >   I'm surprized Miguel went through a long mail about "we need
    > more love" but didn't answer to the rational way I suggested to
    > make progresses on this and avoid such problem on this
    > issue. Sorry guys, if desagreements are not handled early, if
    > new project are lauched without some kind of general agreement,
    > this will never stop, this will increase as we are growing
    > ... if we grow.

I did that because I found a few mails that began with `Fuck you
Michael' and I saw a kind of debate that was far from being rational. 

If you point me to your mail, which at this point is burried in a pile
of noise, I can read it and comment on it.  

But the feeling I got when I remember reading it was `Committee
approach' not the hacker approach. 

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