Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream


Maciej sent a nice apology and I agree as far as it goes, but I'd add
something quite different for better or worse.

Martin, a) this issue is already resolved and b) I'd be happy to have
you back, but there's no way I'd drop a valid and important technical
or process point because you threaten to quit.

My personal view is that taking one's toys and going home is a bully
strategy in any discussion. As someone I know once said, "always take
people up on ultimatums." Either you participate in the community like
an adult or you leave and do your own thing, but you don't hold
leaving over people's head as a threat.

Anyway, I apologize for the mess of this thread, but Maciej's mail was
not out of line really. And this thread was useful in the end -
agreeing that GConf is indeed required for GNOME 2 and is the default
config database will be a nice thing for users.

Hacking on a big project such as GNOME is not about typing code
24/7. It's about working with other people and that involves
arguments, and arguments that are worth having are not going to be all
pat-on-the-back love-ins. If you don't understand that you're going to
have a hard time.

Yours in not being a flower child, best wishes,

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