Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream


So Miguel, it's fine to say let's all be happy lovey, but what 
happens when there's genuine disagreement and it isn't possible for
everyone to get what they want?

What happened in this case is that Dietmar with your blessing went and
reimplemented my functionality so he wouldn't have to talk to me,
because you "got tired of arguing." But then it turned out that this
just delayed the conflict - we still had to have the same argument
now, AFTER he did all the work, because only one config database can
be the central config database.

So I'm trying to learn from this situation. How should I have handled
it? How could we have reached agreement BEFORE doing all the
bonobo-config work and having this flamewar? I feel that I presented
very rational reasons why bonobo-config would work as a wrapper at the
time, and why that was better and met everyone's requirements, and
then you stopped discussing the topic. I don't know what I could have
done. I don't think I was flaming during that original discussion.

I'm anxious to hear your insights on this.


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