Re: About GNOME 2.0 - The end of a dream

Dietmar Maurer <dietmar ximian com> writes: 
> Summary: We simply got the deep impression that you are not interested in
> changing anything, and that is why we started bonobo-config.

So what you are saying is: you don't agree with me, so you wrote your
own thing. Fair enough. I respect your right to write a thing.

The issue is that we can't just agree to disagree, we have to mutually
agree on the default database. Or at least, someone has to decide.

So what I'm asking is, given that I don't agree with you, what was I
supposed to do? Your reply says "I should change my code" - but I
didn't agree that was the right thing to do.

i.e. you are suggesting that the solution to disagreement is that I
agree with you. ;-) That makes no sense.

Given that we don't agree, how could we have resolved the issue?


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