Re: Get gettext 0.10.35 to stop editing po/ChangeLog?

Karl Eichwalder forwarded:

> > > Anyone know how to get gettext 0.10.?? to stop editing po/ChangeLog?
> > > I think I understand the idea of the feature, but it's inappropriate
> > > for how we use CVS. It seems to edit it every time I do an autogen.

gettextize is an interactive script which *heavily* modifies the
source files and requires maintainer attention. In particular, dealing
with the seven extra *.m4 files must be done by the maintainer.

For this reason, it is inappropriate to call gettextize from a script
like autogen.

> > Attached is a patch against
> > gettext-0.10.37 that will remove all the po/ChangeLog modification
> > code.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to turn off that
> > annoying behaviour without modifying gettext.

You can make a backup of po/ChangeLog and restore it afterwards, if
you absolutely insist on running gettextize an infinite number of


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