Re: I'm starting to wonder .... (was Re: National Website in Japan (pressing for an action))

Christian Schaller <Uraeus linuxrising org> writes:
> Personally I am starting to wonder how decisions are made, or rather if
> they are made. It seems that there is a lot of different opinions on
> this and on earlier topics discussed. Could be that it is just me being
> a g-h newbie, but to me it seems we discuss things to its death without
> any resolutions really being made. 

This is standard free software mailing list stuff. ;-) What do you
> I think trying to do votes on g-h everything something is suggested will
> be more destructive than constructive. The traditional free software way
> is relying on a benevolent dictator to have the final say, in this case
> I see three candidates for that job. a) being Miguel as the overall
> GNOME leader. b) being the GNOME foundation board as the elected
> representatives of the gnome contributors and c) being Elliot Lee as the
> maintainer of Gnotices.

The board is supposed to decide things when there are things to decide
that don't obviously fall to individual maintainers, etc., but as you
point out we can't really make anyone do anything so such decisions
don't carry loads of weight.

If you like we can bring this up and vote on it next meeting, but I
was waiting to see if someone would just do something sensible on
their own. ;-)

I'm guessing the issue is actually blocking on what's possible to
implement easily, and that's why this thread isn't producing concrete


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