Re: Get gettext 0.10.35 to stop editing po/ChangeLog?

On Tue, 5 Jun 2001, Bruno Haible wrote:

> Karl Eichwalder forwarded:
> > > > Anyone know how to get gettext 0.10.?? to stop editing po/ChangeLog?
> > > > I think I understand the idea of the feature, but it's inappropriate
> > > > for how we use CVS. It seems to edit it every time I do an autogen.
> gettextize is an interactive script which *heavily* modifies the
> source files and requires maintainer attention. In particular, dealing
> with the seven extra *.m4 files must be done by the maintainer.

It modifies the intl/ po/ and ABOUT-NLS and a few other
files we don't check into CVS.  Handling of the m4 macros is taken care of
automake's aclocal program in our modules.  It doesn't appear to do
anything else that would cause problems.

> For this reason, it is inappropriate to call gettextize from a script
> like autogen.
> > > Attached is a patch against
> > > gettext-0.10.37 that will remove all the po/ChangeLog modification
> > > code.  Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to turn off that
> > > annoying behaviour without modifying gettext.
> You can make a backup of po/ChangeLog and restore it afterwards, if
> you absolutely insist on running gettextize an infinite number of
> times..

Would it be possible to add a switch to prevent it from modifying


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