Re: Proposal for default panel layout w/ some modifications to the panel

Ben Ford wrote:
> Improving the GUI != hand holding.
> Improving, great!  Making it consistant, great!  Making it intuitive,
> great!  Making everything *work*, great!
> Dumb it down, I'm outta here.

Don't think of it as dumbing down, but doing QA analysis: 80% of the
people do what top 20% of the tasks with the GUI?  That's not dumbing
down unless you don't access it at all like the Mac OS does.

Make the GNOME GUI highly configurable, but make the default simpler for
encouraging migration from Windows and Mac users, such as myself. 
Sometimes GNOME is SO configurable that it can be confusing at times
when simple actions are wanted and there are TOO many options. A
beginner, intemediate, and expert configurations should be considered.


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