Re: Proposal for default panel layout w/ some modifications to the panel

--- Ben Ford <ben kalifornia com> wrote:
> Improving the GUI != hand holding.
> Improving, great!  Making it consistant, great! 
> Making it intuitive, 
> great!  Making everything *work*, great!
> Dumb it down, I'm outta here.

True, improving the GUI and hand-holding are not
necessarily the same thing, but they often get
with each other, so hand-holding proposals *do* come 
with the territory with a list like this, as well as 
possibly valid proposals that look like hand-holding.

Also, before you throw around the term "dumb down",
had better define it, and carefully. Bear in mind that
part of making a working GUI is accomodating users who
are likely to make dumb mistakes. Minimizing the
of those mistakes is important. No GUI is going to be
foolproof--fools are too resourceful--but making GNOME
more fool-resistant without compromising its 
usefulness is arguably a laudable goal.

So far, most of the responses to my proposal have 
struck me as knee-jerk reactions. The very idea of a
panel that isn't removable seems to be offensive, 
even if the panels contain critical functionality that

a user might not know how to restore. No one has come 
up with a good reason why a non-advanced user should
able to remove these panels, other than it being not 
"nice." I certainly don't see how making the panels 
non-removable makes the desktop less useful.


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