Re: In support of Bowie

> Ok, Tom, all of you other people, let me tell you guys about my experiance
> with multiple documents/taking the best part/component based documents.
> Last year I was involved with writing an RFP for a [insert
> large department here]. When the company that I worked for got the
> contract it was to write the Evaluation section of the RFP. Another
> company wrote the spec, and yet another company wrote the QC/QA parts. So,
> as you can see this was a rather large, and confusing, project, having
> this many people cooperate is rather confusing. Now to make things even
> worse the end users had allready authored an RFP for the same system. This
> RFP was scrapped
> but before anyone was told, by the PM, it was distributed
> to all the people involved. To make things even worse the PM had also
> started on a detailed spec. before he had contracted other people to do
> that work.
> This was nightmareish since we had no idea what was right what wasn't and
> so on. The people who wrote the spec did not know that they were to
> disregard the PMs spec and the End Users spec. It all ended with all the
> involved people sitting down for a two day session sorting documents. I do
> not wish to go through this again,
> merging docments is a painfull process especially if the basic structure
> does not match, so please, people at least wait for Bowie to come up with
> his fully-formed proposal.
> Martin 


Thank you. Your example illustrates exactly what i've been saying all
along. A chunk-based approach to developing the UISG would be a giant,
catastrophic mistake. Its a nice idea, and it makes people happy, but it


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