In support of Bowie

Ok, Tom, all of you other people, let me tell you guys about my experiance
with multiple documents/taking the best part/component based documents.
Last year I was involved with writing an RFP for a [insert
large department here]. When the company that I worked for got the
contract it was to write the Evaluation section of the RFP. Another
company wrote the spec, and yet another company wrote the QC/QA parts. So,
as you can see this was a rather large, and confusing, project, having
this many people cooperate is rather confusing. Now to make things even
worse the end users had allready authored an RFP for the same system. This
RFP was scrapped
but before anyone was told, by the PM, it was distributed
to all the people involved. To make things even worse the PM had also
started on a detailed spec. before he had contracted other people to do
that work.
This was nightmareish since we had no idea what was right what wasn't and
so on. The people who wrote the spec did not know that they were to
disregard the PMs spec and the End Users spec. It all ended with all the
involved people sitting down for a two day session sorting documents. I do
not wish to go through this again,
merging docments is a painfull process especially if the basic structure
does not match, so please, people at least wait for Bowie to come up with
his fully-formed proposal.


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