Re: The Help Menu

"M.Watson" <> wrote:
> > A simple little Gnome Footprint present in the menu bar of each apps
> > window would do the trick nicely, at first thought. I'm open to
> > suggestions. Even yours, Tom. ;) hee
> I think it would be bad to over-use the GNOMEprint in such a fashion. It
> already has a use, which is to signify menus/drawers on the panel.

so do I think, but this is a controversial topic and we weren't able to
resolve it two weeks ago. :)

> "About" should stay under help, because (1) that is where it has always
> been, and (2) knowing the copyright and version info is a form of
> "Help." Besides, do we have to flaunt convention simply because we can?

no. but we should if it makes more sense. to me, "about" makes more sense in
a "program" menu.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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