Re: In support of ..Myself? ... :)

> I think - and already mailed with bowie at length - that it's absolutely
> necessary that we don't get into some kind of "competition" and that
> throughout the process we do talk to each other and all that.

Great. we agree.

 > however, the split is already there. a couple of people feel insulted by
> bowie, a few have even called him unfit to maintain the style guide and
> someone has mentioned that over several weeks nothing happened.

A few scattered individuals' personal opinions of me doesn't really
factor much into my thinking. If wanting things to be done RIGHT, and
being emphatic about it means I end up looking like a nazi until they get
a clue what i'm doing, then so be it. Seig Heil, i'm your Nazi. I'm
patient enough to sit and wait for people to realize that this isn't the
case, however long it takes. I'll also take the fear and loathing that
comes with it. Why? We have a job to do, and >I< certainly wouldn't
classify anyone as "unfit to contribute", by the same token :) This is a
Style Guide development project, not an episode of Jerry Springer.

Regarding the two-week development gap..

I was heading into Finals Week here at the University, when Federico named
me to the position. I accepted, and told him to expect a completion time
of about 2 - 3 months. That week was spent studying like mad. The
following week was spent in bed, sick, and catching up on the sleep I had
lost over the past month and a half. I'm not gonna sit here and whine
about it, but I was a complete -wreck- after finals. Managed to pull off
straight A's, tho. :)

We *are* remarkably still on track regarding the overall development
schedule. The first conference was to be held at roughly the halfway mark.

Fall Semester here at the U begins in roughly one month. The UISG project
should be well on its way to completion by then. Regardless, i'm going
to need to detatch from the project near the end of the initial 
development cycle to focus on school. Im running a very tight schedule on
this end.

The main hurdle in all of this is getting over the politics surrounding
the issues, not resolving the issues themselves. 

> It doesn't matter if these things are real, they are real perceptions of
> people. you can consider these people roadkill or look at what they can
> contribute THEIR WAY and take the best out of everything.

Exactly.. Thats all I've really been asking from people, from the start.


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