Re: The Help Menu

Tim Moore <> wrote:
> Has anyone suggested using the application's icon instead of the
> gnomeprint?


> I think this has several advantages:
> * It doesn't overload the meaning of the gnomeprint.
> * It doesn't put it all over your screen.
> * It identifies GNOME programs as such, but it also serves other purposes
>   (so it doesn't look funny on a pure-GNOME environment).
> * It identifies an app at a glance.
> * It suggests this-app-menu (which is really what it is) rather than
>   GNOME-menu.

it has to be very carefully implemented or it makes the whole menu a) hiding
away (i.e. doesn't appear to be a menu at all) and b) awful to use.

look at M$ office for a bad example.

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