Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop?

> > I want to create. Not sit here and bicker with the very people I'm going
> > to need to rely upon for valuable input, in the creation process.
> then lie back and do your silent creating. all the while we will go on and
> discuss a style guide of our own, ripping it apart in exactly the way you
> fear for yours. if you listen, I bet you will get a lot of input for your
> work, and when things are done we will go and compare.

"silent creating" ?

How does holding an IRC conference every two weeks, advertising it for an
international audience, on this mailing list, on Freshmeat, AND Slashdot
constitute a "silence" ?

It amazes me. Over a hundred emails later, and you still think I want this
project to be completely closed to the public, Tom.



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