Frederick I Gleef <> wrote:
> > Chapter One	Declaration of Intent
> > 
> > 		contains some words on why the style guide is important,
> > 		what its impact on the whole Gnome project is and that
> > 		non-compliance with the style guide is considered a bug.
> I agree in general, but I think there will be some elements that belong in
> a Style Guide that not following shouldn't be considered a bug.  Of
> course, the Style Guide must make it clear which points are critical and
> which are just suggestions.

sorry, of course you are right. something like this is noted as an aside
further down, but it should really be stressed in this first chapter.

> This probably should get broken up into several chapters.  Some more
> things for the list (also in no particular order):

let's just collect and throw around all these points for a while, then look
at which ones should be used where. :)

any other comments?

> > Chapter Four	Examples and Templates
> > 
> > 		no need for every coder to write the same 25 lines of 
> > 		gnome_init() and default menubar setup. also, examples and
> > 		actual code are much more accessible to certain people.
> This is definately needed.  However, I am not sure this should be in the
> Style Guide.  Perhaps a separate GNOME Design guide with coding tips is in
> order.

depends on the volume, I guess. maybe the chapter will just contain links
and a few sentences, we'll see. :)

> While I'm here, I have another suggestion.  The current Style Guide
> closes with a section of "External Resources", which I have found quite
> useful.  I'd like to see this in the new version as well.  

should be an appendix instead of a chapter, I'd say.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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