as announced, here is my first very, very rough outline of a style guide. it
doesn't contain much, but then I don't intend to write one on my own, I
wanted to have the list participate from the very beginning and this is it.

this is just an outline. chapter headings. the reason for posting it is
finding out which important parts I have forgotten.

Gnome Styleguide Outline

Chapter One	Declaration of Intent

		contains some words on why the style guide is important,
		what its impact on the whole Gnome project is and that
		non-compliance with the style guide is considered a bug.

Chapter Two	Default Gnome Elements

		contains a description on how the default Gnome apps (like
		the panel, properties, help browser and many more) should
		look and work like.
		I consider this important because a) these will create the
		first impression to the user and b) all other apps will be
		measured according to the "core apps".
Chapter Three	Gnome Application Style Guide

		probably the by far longest chapter. Contains, of course,
		details on how Gnome apps should look and feel like.
		the chapters I think about, in no particular order:
		3.1	The Menu Bar
		3.2	Drag & Drop
		3.3	Keybindings
		3.4	Themes
		3.5	Sound
		each individual point should be marked in importance, as has
		been proposed here on the list. some HAVE to be there, some
		should be there, but exceptions are possible, some are mere
Chapter Four	Examples and Templates

		no need for every coder to write the same 25 lines of 
		gnome_init() and default menubar setup. also, examples and
		actual code are much more accessible to certain people.

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