Re: Err..To Desktop Or Not To Desktop? (For Tom)

Bowie Poag <> wrote:
> > I do feel it is a bad idea for the very same reason I have never in my life
> > used my right to vote in an election. I don't want to say "yes" when what I
> > really would want to say is "yes, but..."
> Thats just it -- We're not talking about some stuffy election process
> here. You WILL have the ability to say "Yes, but.." on any or ALL of the
> stuff in the Style Guide.

AFTER the show. that's what I don't like, you see? in an election (at least
over here) you vote on a list of people. I wouldn't even want to have the
ability to rearrange that list, I would want to SELECT my choices, not be
fed some pre-chewed stuff. if I had any interest in the fake that's called
politics, that is, but let's drop that flame-bait. :)

> Well, I dont think that I or anyone else who will be collaborating on the
> project would really mind this. There is always going to be SOME "trimming
> of the fat" , in any design. Im prepared for that, as should anyone else
> who is to work on the project. :)


> Ok, great. :) See, this is why I want to work with you on this project. I
> -love- when people understand what im saying, but still disagree with me
> -- Because it lets me have a window into seeing something I may have
> missed before -- It gives me an opportunity to identify problems I may
> have overlooked, or would never have seen in the first place.
> However, Tom, I believe I have enough experience behind me to know that
> there is indeed a "right" way to go about constructing such a document.
> Unfortunately, this "right way" is more concerned with producting an
> iron-clad, indestructible, nearly infallible document; And such documents
> must inevitably be bpenned by few, and scrutinized, revised, and finalized 
> by many...Not the other way around..Penned by many, and scrutinized,
> revised, and finalized by few.
> Experience is what tells me this, not my own personal feelings. I realize
> its kinda hard to just say "trust me on this one", but..that's pretty much
> how it has to be, if we want a solid, solid, solid document in the end.

I trust you in this respect. I do believe that you have only the best
intentions. but that doesn't stop me from having a different believe. I
don't even see this as doing something "against" you or your style guide, I
really consider it as an alternative way that will - in the end - lead to
at least the same region, if not the exact same place. and then we'll sit
down and see what each of us missed on the journey, in the end building
something that could not have been done one way or the other, but only if
you went BOTH.

just consider the alternative style guide(s?) as additional input and you
should have no problems.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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