Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

George <> wrote:

> > > I still don't get what you're asking here. Code -IS- design. 
> >
> > sorry, but I don't agree on that. code is implementation of design.
> nope ...
> code is the implementation
> code is the design
> code is the documentation

now, if we start arguing from the HACKER pov, the list should probably read:

code is cool
nobody cares for design
what is documentation?


see, I'm not trying to put things down. I'm mostly doing my stuff the hacker
way, too. it's just that there IS a scientific approach to programming and
that real work DOES get done that way. how would you, for example, hack
together a natural language parser?
answer: you can't, because those beasts are 60% research, 35% very careful
design and 5% everything else, only part of which is actual programming.

gui stuff falls somewhere inbetween. you need quite a lot of research and
even more careful design to create a real good gui. fortunatly, most of the
research has already been done and we can simply read the papers. but most
of the design work is still there.

> > they teach the whole business very differently at the university where I
> > hope to get my diploma next year. :)
> I have never seen a programming class actualy teach something that has really
> been worth while in actual coding ...

what about cvs/rcs ? ;)

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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