Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

> [quoting long list of ideas, don't need to repeat it]
>i think my first concern is how this can be written efficiently, and who
>be willing to figure out how to do it. ideas are great, but intelligent
>is what's really neccessary.

Bowie, George, maybe you can comment on this:

Should code preceed design?  Or, in other words, should the ability to code
something be guaranteed before the design is created?  Or should the ability
be postulated and a design generated first?

The way I've always thought a UI should be developed is the following:

1)  Text description and evaluation of desired features
2)  Static Mockup to see if it's visually pleasing/efficient
3)  Unstable code to see if it's worth completing
4)  Completed code

You can always jump backwards(i.e. redo the text after reaching unstable
code) but I don't *think* one should skip the description part.

What do y'all think?

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