Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint (For Tom)

> > I still don't get what you're asking here. Code -IS- design. 
> sorry, but I don't agree on that. code is implementation of design.

A mixture of both, isn't it? Coding, in and of itself, is an art. I grew
up during a very unique time in the industry..Where there WAS no
Microsoft, and you *did* sit down and code something, rather than wait for
someone else to come up with something. *Good* programming is a black art,
and its knowledge shared only with people capable of doing it competently.
> not trying to put anyone down, I've done a lot of software exactly that way.
> but there are other projects where I spend the majority of time in the
> garden with a pen and a piece of paper. it really depends on what you are
> doing and for whom you are doing it.

Well, sure, there`s always a place for coding in structured environments.
A flowchart is devised, and code generated to conform to it. My point is,
the majority of application programming going on nowadays doesn't follow
this track.

> > A programmer doesn't really sit down with pen and paper and figure out the
> > technical odds and ends of HOW hes going to do something -- He just does
> > it.
> they teach the whole business very differently at the university where I
> hope to get my diploma next year. :)

My University has given up C in favor of Java. How much sense does THAT

> > To force all of them into a paticular work habit
> > is counterproductive. 
> that's why we have a discussion list here, don't we? so that people who feel
> more inclined to thinking as to programming (at least concerned these
> specific points) can do their thinking and let the programmers harvest the
> results.

Sure. But we must cater to the masses, not the exceptions. :)


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