Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

> Bowie, George, maybe you can comment on this:
> Should code preceed design?  Or, in other words, should the ability to code
> something be guaranteed before the design is created?  Or should the ability
> be postulated and a design generated first?

I still don't get what you're asking here. Code -IS- design. 

> The way I've always thought a UI should be developed is the following:
> 1)  Text description and evaluation of desired features
> 2)  Static Mockup to see if it's visually pleasing/efficient
> 3)  Unstable code to see if it's worth completing
> 4)  Completed code

Thats really not how a programmer does his work. A programmer sits down
with a goal in his head, and just begins pounding the anvil, so to speak.
A programmer doesn't really sit down with pen and paper and figure out the
technical odds and ends of HOW hes going to do something -- He just does
it. He figures it out as he goes, and in the end, he's confident and
comfortable enough with his design that he can make subtle modifications
to it to fit someone else's idea of a "finished product".

Sure, its an ideal, to have programmers perform that 4-step Cha-Cha dance,
but theyre not going to follow it. Programmers are incredibly unique, and
individualistic workers. To force all of them into a paticular work habit
is counterproductive. 

The best programs arent written by guys in suits, with seven-figure
salaries, who work 9 to 5--The best programs are written by intense,
devoted, and seemingly tireless people who hang around in t-shirts and
cutoffs, live on Doritos and Mountain Dew, and feel that they are
depriving themselves and their community by sleeping more than 4 hours a
night. Leave them alone to do their thing, their way. That, and a constant
supply of carbohydrates & caffiene is basically all they need to perform
their duties. :)

> You can always jump backwards(i.e. redo the text after reaching unstable
> code) but I don't *think* one should skip the description part.
> What do y'all think?

I think its part of the definition of a responsible coder, to release
his/her program with a sufficient amount of documentation to accompany it.
The style guide cant enforce this--only suggest it.


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