Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

On Mon, Jul 27, 1998 at 04:38:01AM +0000, sun wrote:
> > 2)  *All* entries on the gnomeprint should have a checkbox besides them.  If
> > you check it, it does the same thing as dragging the item from the
> > gnomeprint to the panel should do:  Adds that icon or folder to the panel.
> disagree. talk about clutter; my gnome menu is gonna look _way_ too busy
> if that gets implemented. we already have application icons to the left
> and submenu arrow indicators to the right. also, checkboxes would be
> meaningless without some sort of text explaining what we're checking.

too bad ... something similiar is already implemented ... not a checkbox as
that makes no sense in the panel framework, but a small button that says

it actually makes adding apps a heck of a lot simpler, since it doesn't
close the menu when you click those buttons ... so you can add more apps
in one swing ...

plus I don't need to maintain two slightly different menus for starting and
adding apps ...

> > 3)  By default, there should be at least two apps and two folders existing
> > on the panel.  This way, the user will begin his Gnome experience seeing
> > checkmarks on the gnomeprint next to the folders and apps on the panel, and
> > the interface will have become self-documenting.
> i like it.

not really possible ... when you add an app to the panel you copy it, so it
looses any link it had with the menu ... maintaining such a list would be
bloat and not really necessary I guess ...


George Lebl <>
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