The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

I believe Bowie has sufficiently made it clear that a Desktop is necessary,
if only because users *will* expect one.

I have an idea.

I've become convinced, partly by my own argumentation being used against
me(self-documenting interfaces), that there should at least be *some*
folders, by standard, existing on the panel, because users need to know
they're there.

However, I've not changed my opinion that not EVERYTHING should reside on
the panel.

I also remain worried about the desktop being too much of a mess to

So, I offer the following suggestion:

1)  The Desktop should be a folder inside of the gnomeprint, much as I
suggested entire filesystems or foldersystems be allowed to be symlinked

2)  *All* entries on the gnomeprint should have a checkbox besides them.  If
you check it, it does the same thing as dragging the item from the
gnomeprint to the panel should do:  Adds that icon or folder to the panel.

3)  By default, there should be at least two apps and two folders existing
on the panel.  This way, the user will begin his Gnome experience seeing
checkmarks on the gnomeprint next to the folders and apps on the panel, and
the interface will have become self-documenting.

What do y'all think?

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