Re: The Desktop and the Gnomeprint

Dan Kaminsky wrote:
> I believe Bowie has sufficiently made it clear that a Desktop is necessary,
> if only because users *will* expect one.

okay, define "desktop."

i was under the impression that i already _had_ a desktop... many of
them, in fact, thanks to windowmaker's ability to switch desktops by
pressing alt-functionkey (the way i configured it).

what additional features are you talking about, that must be added?

> 2)  *All* entries on the gnomeprint should have a checkbox besides them.  If
> you check it, it does the same thing as dragging the item from the
> gnomeprint to the panel should do:  Adds that icon or folder to the panel.

disagree. talk about clutter; my gnome menu is gonna look _way_ too busy
if that gets implemented. we already have application icons to the left
and submenu arrow indicators to the right. also, checkboxes would be
meaningless without some sort of text explaining what we're checking.

> 3)  By default, there should be at least two apps and two folders existing
> on the panel.  This way, the user will begin his Gnome experience seeing
> checkmarks on the gnomeprint next to the folders and apps on the panel, and
> the interface will have become self-documenting.

i like it.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary
deserve neither liberty nor safety." --Benjamin Franklin

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