Panel Configuration


at the moment (CVS 980722) there are two places, to configure the
(1) The panel submenu in the main panel menu.
(2) The context menu by rightclicking on an empty place in the panel.

I suggest, that these two menus should be identical. At the moment
they are not. In (1) there is missing one entry (Eigenschaften in
german). In (2) there are missing the entries for adding an app or
applet and for a new panel.

I find it a bit confusing that to add an Drawer panel is found under `Add new 
panel', because the Drawer will be part of the actual panel whereas
the other panel types will be really new ones by their own. I suggest
to move the entry ´Add drawer´ to the main panel menu, at least for me 
it sounds more logical.

At last I suggest to add an entry to the 'start' button context menu
called ´configure' that will show up the Menu editor.


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