Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

Tom Vogt wrote:
> the matter never was to make it perfect - just to show by example. I
> *REALLY* would love if you could do what I did: put some people unfamiliar
> with gnome in front of it and simply watch. I'm willing to take bets that
> they will TOTALLY MISS the fact that they can create multiple launchers. or
> in other words: with the current default config we could as well remove all
> the customizability code from the panel as it will never be used anyways.

I dunno.  Maybe we could have the following two root menus off
the panel as part of the default config: a System menu and a User
menu.  The System menu would hold the settings that are
universally constant between users (i.e. less configurable), and
the User menu would hold the highly-configurable user's
selections, perhaps even a stripped-down, more immediate version
of the full System menu.

The two are significant, important concepts (everyone's vs. mine)
that would also enhance the users' appreciation of being part of
a network.  Plus, it'd have the benefit of implying multiple root
menus.  It would lend some stability & consistency to their
setup, if the System menu remains (mostly) the same, while
encouraging them to go to town on their own (private) root menu. 
And give them the option to collapse either menu into the other
if they only want a single entry point (add a "System" menu item
in the User menu, or vice versa, that would pop up the hidden
System menu in its entirety).

Just a thought.


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