Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

George <> wrote:
> > you are right. forget my former idea, instead replace it with this one:
> > 
> > the lsm has a line of "keywords" used to categorize apps. how about picking
> > up the very same concept for automatic installation according to user
> > preferences?
> ok ... that would be ok ... what needs to be done is a small script that 
> can run during make install or package installation ...
> again .. a problem is install is done as root ... and root should not really
> have preferences ...

sorry for the confusion. I dumped the idea of doing the actual program
install this way. what I am proposing above is about what happens to the
program's entry in the gnome-menus once it has been installed.

say root finally dumps mosaic and installs netscape. and while he's at it,
puts quake on the system as well.
he will run the usual install process.

now when a user starts up the panel, it will (how doesn't matter here) learn
that two new programs have been installed and should be put in the menus.
looking at the lsms (*) and at the user's preferences it decides to put
netscape in the "apps" and quake in the "games" folder.

a second user has different preferences. here netscape will go to "internet"
because of the "network" keyword and quake will go to /dev/null because this
user doesn't want any games in his gnome-menus.

does this help to illustrate the idea?

(*) this might be the way to tell the panel - put the lsms somewhere in
~/Gnome/new-programs. just an idea to show this whole thing is possible at
all, most likely by far not the best idea.

> one other idea would be for the menu editor to construct a user menu
> out of the system menu according to some arguments

that would also be possible. however, what happens with the manual changes
the user made to his menus in this case?

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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