Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

George <> wrote:
> might also do nice things such as putting that file in the calendar (if it's
> text) ... dragging a file onto the mail applet should start the mailreader
> with a "new message" dialog and that file added as an attachment ... why
> should I have both a launcher and a new mail icon on the panel anyway ...
> so it's good to combine ... same with the clock/date ... and printer
> icon could start up a printer properties app ...

sounds very nice, yes.
(drag&drop to printer icon should, obviously, send the item to lpd)

now my remarks to your decisions. of course I respect that you're the person
to code, so you're the one with the final veto. but still...

> 1) the icons WILL stay the same size
a possibility to resize will be necessary in the long run. there simply is
no other way to please everyone from 640x480 to 1600x1280.

> 2) by default there will be a plain look (maybe with launchers such as gmc
> and help added, but not more)
> 3) There will be one menu on startup, multiple entry system is up to the
> person as it is impossible for the initial config to get this right
> anyhow
the matter never was to make it perfect - just to show by example. I
*REALLY* would love if you could do what I did: put some people unfamiliar
with gnome in front of it and simply watch. I'm willing to take bets that
they will TOTALLY MISS the fact that they can create multiple launchers. or
in other words: with the current default config we could as well remove all
the customizability code from the panel as it will never be used anyways.

that's my argument. the only one I have, but I still believe it's a strong

> there are points I'm open on .. but the above are pretty set in stone
> ... unless someone can give a convincing argument for a SPECIFIC change
> in the panel ...

take my mail with the ascii sketches for a proposal of a very specific
change. I'm not deep enough in the panel code to provide a patch right away,

I do agree, however, that further discussion doesn't make much sense. I
think everything has more or less been said by now.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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