Re: To answer your question about the upcoming Style-Guide...

George <> wrote:
> > gnome should NOT be permitted to duplicate that mistake. that's why I came
> > up with the idea above. it surely isn't finished, but maybe a starting point
> > for discussion?
> apps should install their .desktop file in an appropriate directory, this
> is what the app author mandates (e.g. "I say this will go into Applications")
> the root is installing things so he can change the system menu around if
> he doesn't like it ... but he shouldn't be required to do anything ... he
> shouldn't be even required to have a GUI running to install a new app ...
> just do the rpm over a remote link ...

you are right. forget my former idea, instead replace it with this one:

the lsm has a line of "keywords" used to categorize apps. how about picking
up the very same concept for automatic installation according to user

some examples. user a has three folders: system, apps, games. one of these
keywords should be in every "gsm" (gnome software map?). so if a new game is
installed, it will move to his games-folder.

user b has four folders: system, graphics, dev and misc. he doesn't play
games. dev means "development" and holds his programming tools. there is a
config option somewhere where he said that any app having the keyword
"graphics" will move to that folder, "development" apps will move to dev and
anything else with "app" will move to misc. games will not be installed into
the folders at all.

newly installed icons should maybe be marked in some way, so the user sees
there's something new there and can either look, move it if he wants it
somewhere else or can delete it.

again I don't say the idea is very good. I just see that we will have the
problem of configuration and install and such. people WILL want to customize
their desktop, bet on it.

> > as new as it is. it's probably a matter of category thinking, the same way
> > you don't notice the details anymore once you recognized an unfamiliar image
> > as a known item, say a tree.
> trust me ... I don't find gnome to look at all like windows ...

neither do I. except for the start-like button.

The universe does not have laws -- it has habits, and habits can be broken.

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